Our History


How It All Began

I was sitting in Max’s barber shop getting a haircut. At the time I was working for Safeway as a meat consultant. Max said “why don’t you open a meat market in the empty high time liquor store next to me”. I contacted the owner and he rented me the 900 sqft. store for $300.00 a month & sold me the neon sign for $200.00. The surrounding stores and bowling ally drew a good crowd to the center and there was plenty of parking. I could not have picked a better location if I had known what I was doing. My father in law Morgan Antrim lent me $4,000. dollars, we made a loan and it began.

The store was successful from the very beginning. For the next 35 years I was blessed with great people to work with. It would not have happened without them. Dan Desario, Joe Mehl, Tom Burt, Mike Day, Mark Klopstein, Craig Brock, Eric Onnen, Reynaldo & Gloria Bustos, Alfred Bustos, Frankie Serbus, David & Tracy Hill, Mike Block, Bill Berger, Margaret Block, Susan Serbus, Nola Nicklin, Tessie Tarango, Troy Tashima, Steve Gully, Jarom-Veda-Jordan, Jessica Mann & countless others who contributed to its success.

The meat market started with 900 sqft, we added space as stores next to us became available, In 1978 I went to Las Vegas to see a Mohamed Ali fight with Jerry Shalhob. We bought 3 old cars, mine was a 1928 sedan delivery Ford. When it arrived in Santa Barbara I painted “Country Catering Co.” on the side and turned a mistake into a great business. Frankie Serbus ran the catering business until 1992 when he moved to Bend, Oregon and started his own very successful Country Catering and Deli.

The many events we did could fill this scrap book. President Regan, Olympic events, Lakers, Gaucho’s, Kenny Loggins, John Travolta, Robert Mitchum, Cottage Hospital - ’94 L.A. earthquake...The stories could go on forever. I’m truly blessed with memories & relationships. I love & cherish all of you. It has been a great ride.

Frank Serbus Sr.


Our History timeline



Rebranding to 'Cody’s Country Catering'.



Cody Serbus becomes the 3rd Generation Owner.



Country Catering Celebrates 25 years in Bend and 10 years at our 9th. and Wilson Location.



Country Catering acknowledge as the 7th. Best Deli in Oregon. Also adds our Roasted Pepper Sauce to our "Bend's Best" line of Sauces.



Country Catering releases "Bend's Best" 4 New Sauces and Marinades for sale at retail locations throught the Northwest. Also adds our Pulled Pork Rub to our line of Seasonings.

Made in Bend OR


March 1st. Country Catering releases "Bend's Best" Seasoning and Rub for sale at retail locations throught the Northwest.



Country Catering, Bend, Oregon Celebrates 20th.year proudly serving the Central Oregon Region.



05/15/2012 - revised three logos 'Bend's Best" Deli Products, Deli and Catering



10/24/2012 - Launches New Website



05/01/2007 - Relocates to new location at The Corner of 9th. & Wilson

05_01_2007 logo


05/01/2007 - Releases new logo design



Country Catering, Bend, Oregon Celebrates 10th.year proudly
serving the Central Oregon Region.

CC LogoWithAddr


Bend, Oregon. The Country Catering Co. and Deli opens it's doors in the back of the now Butler Market Store on south Hwy 97.



Goleta, CA. The Country Catering Meat Market opens it's doors in the Orchid Bowl Shopping Center on Calle Real.